Toggi's 'I built this house' - Free download

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Toggi's 'I built his house' is ready and you can listen to it here and take a copy with you home to enjoy. It goes something like this:

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I Buil This House can be found on Toggi's 'Wonderful Secrets' with full credits and lyrics. Please check out the album here and buy it if you like it:  


I built this house was written by Toggi himself, both music and lyrics. 

The song was recorded entirely at our own Wömbin™ studio. In the temporary absence of our drummer, Don Pedro and Bjarki took care of percussion duties and drums. The band's bassist, Helgi Egilsson brought his upright bass to the studio this time, as they wanted a slighthly older and softer sound for this song than normally associated with Toggi.

We have tried to give each and every Toggi song it's own character, and I built this house is no exception. This might lead to a lack of uniformity on the album, due in early 2010, but we tend to focus more on the life of the songs themselves than the arcane format that is 'the album'.

For this song, we tried to build a canvas of sound surrounding Toggi's voice. The song should be low key, intimate, but sound big. One of the references we had in mind was actually 'It's over' by Roy Orbison.  

We got great help in arrangement and backing vocals from Gurrý Þóra, who sings backing vocals an plays keyboards and percussion in our live band, as well as from our friend Jóhann Vilhjálmsson, who popped by one evening and sang backing vocals for us. 

Bjarki and Don Pedro split production and engineering tasks between them, in the presence and with the help of Toggi himself, and sit-ins by bassist Helgi. Strings and tubular bells were arranged by Bjarki, while Don Pedro busied himself with layer upon layer of his Gretsch guitars trough his beloved tube amps, creating volume swells akin to the sound of a steel guitar to add a stringlike guitar pad, as well as some acoustic guitar work. 

We are no strangers to happy incidents. When Don Pedro had finished recording all these layers of guitars, he sent a quick bounce to the rest of the band. He then went about his business, cleaned all tracks from errors and all the extra doodles that tend to get recorded at the end of a song. But this got a strong reaction next time the band gathered to work on the song, and after a brief discussion, the odd andrandom guitar parts including full tremolo dives, became a long unplanned outro. 

The song was mixed by Don Pedro and Bjarki as well, which is unusual, as they usually rely on mixmaster Addi800 for that, but as they grew closer and closer to finishing the song, they felt the curiosity to see how far they could take it themselves, and wound up liking what they had up to the point that they didn't want to work on it anymore. You be the judge :-)

I built this house was then mastered by Bjarni Bragi Kjartansson over at Syrland studios. Artwork for the release was designed by Holmes

We hope you enjoy it. If you do, please link to this page, tell people about Toggi, and join him on Facebook to get the latest news.