Icelandic Music Awards - Best Song!

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So, yesterday, while the rest of the world had to make do with the Brits, a bigger and more important award ceremony was being held in Iceland. (Or not)

The Icelandic Music Awards were presented yesterday evening, and one award pleased us particularly - 'Best Song' of 2008 was written by a Medialux artist, produced by another Medialux artist, mixed by yet another Medialux artist for a singer we love to death, who also wrote the lyrics.

Oh, we almost forgot, the original version ef the song was also recorded in the Medialux studio Wömbin™ at Medialux HQ in Reykjavík.

More about the song .:here:. and congratulations to all, not least Hjaltalín, whose version of the song made it explode in popularity. 

This picture was stolen from and is used without licence of it's author (Golli). Sorry.