Addi800 mixes The Jan Holberg Project

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After many years as a successful session bass player, Jan Holberg decided it was high time to start writing and producing his own music. The Jan Holberg Project was born.

Jan recruited top musicians he admired for collaboration, his dream team included Joe Lynn Turner (of Rainbow, Deep Purple and Malmsteen fame), Mezzoforte drummer Gulli Briem, and keyboardist Eyþór Gunnarsson, as well as guitarist Skjalg Mikaelsen Raaen.

Sense Of Time was released on March 28th, and the Jan Holberg Project are touring Norway live as this is written.

This is brought to your attention for a particular reason, namely that the album was mixed by our own Addi 800, and mastered by Robin Schmidt at 24-96 Mastering.

A quick google search found us a pleasant quote regarding the mix from this review: "After having listened to the album a first time, I was knocked down by the perfect sound, something that is absolutely necessary for this kind of soft rock albums". We couldn't agree more :-)

Here is a link to the album on iTunes