Síminn - reinvention of a classic

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To people born in Iceland, the song 'Móðir' (that obviously means 'mother' for you that were not born on a cold rock in the atlantic ocean:-) performed by cult rock band Egó in the eighties has a respectable place amongst the greatest songs of that period. The lyrics ask a mother where her child is late at night. Highly appropriate for a campaign to protect children from the dangers of the internet. Siminn, Iceland's biggest telecom company started airing just such a campaign yesterday.

We got the challenging and fun task to make a new version of the song that would respect it's legacy, meanwhile working to bring drama and emotion to the beautiful spot, directed by award-winning directors Samuel & Gunnar for SagaFilm. All this commissioned by Siminn's agency of choice ENNEMM.

It was Arnar who got the task to produce, arrange and perform the new version. We think he did a marvelous job. The result is very cinematic, and adds power and weight to the strong visual content. But instead of reading about it, just take a look and judge for yourself:

Here is a full version of the song (special extended edition for you my friend) where Arnar sings the Chorus as well: