Don Pedro - Artist Profile

Don Pedro
is the artist name of Petur Jonsson. Or Pétur Sigurþór Jónsson, if you can pronounce that.

Petur started studying music at the tender age of ten, and started touring professionally when he was seventeen. He played lead guitar during the glorious time when long poodle hair and nicely tapped guitar solos reigned and would theoretically get you laid.

When that period came to a screeching halt, he focused on studying film-making in Italy, returned to Iceland, started a production company with a childhood friend, and started directing and producing commercials. Hundreds of commercials later he started missing music so much that he sold the company, started Medialux and built a studio where he has since ben trying to combine his passion for music with his production expertise.

Petur has worked as producer and composer on many big name commercials, as well as on several music projects, both Icelandic and international. He is a passionate guitar and recording gear nut and likes working on different and varied music and production styles and creative sound design. He also likes making good food.