Morten Harket - Darkspace

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Don Pedro and Addi 800 have been working on some songs for the forthcoming release of Morten Harket's new solo album 'Letter from Egypt'.

The album, produced by Kjetil Bjerkestrand and Morten himself, had been ready for a while, but some songs were sent around to various producers too see if improvements could still be made.

Addi 800 and Don Pedro had a shot at 2 of the tracks together, and as a result of that work, Morten and agent Sigurjon Einarsson came to Iceland to finalize a couple of songs with us.

The work includes some production work and final post-production, and was described by Morten himself as "giving the songs a haircut".

The album itself will be released in Norway on May 19th, and other international releases are to follow.

A new single, 'Darkspace' is being released this week. The single is mixed by Addi 800, and mastered by Syrland Studio's veteran mastering engineer Bjarni Bragi Kjartansson. Some electric guitars were tracked by Don Pedro at the Wömb™ studio and added to existing recordings.

We will bring you more news of our work with Morten as it progresses, but it has to be said that the process and the cooperation has been very satisfying, both professionally and personally, so we are all very exited about the project's future successes.

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