Thank you for the first 5 years!

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It's been a full 5 years since we first opened our doors to business. As many of you know or suspect, 5 years servicing the music and advertising industry is like 33 human years, but they went by incredibly fast. 

Since starting up from our first very humble studio, we have made music to a lot of commercials, produced and released an album with two other releases on the way, worked in sound design and post production on thousands of radio commercials, made music and SFX for TV idents and TV shows, composed music to trailers and documentaries and generally had a very good time doing all this. 

We all like to joke about work being so much more fun if not for the clients, but without them we wouldn't have work, and therefore, no company. So, many thanks to you all of you who have supported us, hired us and gotten us involved in your projects. Thanks for buying the music we release, and thanks for following our work on social media, and for being our friends. 

Last but not least, thanks to the musicians, producers, composers, performers and technicians who have helped us deliver our work, sometimes against all odds, fighting impossible deadlines and making us look good even during severe advertising emergencies. 

Now, back to work, those holiday deadlines are still out there. We know we owe you updates of our work on this site, which we will most definitely add as soon as we lay down our sleigh bells in december, but for now I just wanted to say my thanks. It's thanksgiving after all, innit?

Good music to you all,